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European Winter Weather Outlook Webinar
Thursday, 27 October | 4:30 p.m. CET
Winter weather conditions can create many operational dangers and business challenges.
Join us for our new long-range forecast, learn about the expected meteorological impacts, and gain insights into how to prepare during our European Winter Weather Outlook webinar.
Our expert panel will also share critical insights on how the expected winter weather will likely influence the European energy supply and demand.
Bring your questions — there will be a live Q&A session at the end of the presentation.
You will get:
  • A look at the remainder of the fall season
  • A comprehensive winter forecast for Europe
  • An overview of how transport, aviation, and utility organizations can plan for and manage the anticipated threats
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Meet our presenters
Stephen Davenport photo
Stephen Davenport
Long range forecast specialist
Troy Vincent photo
Troy Vincent
Energy pricing specialist
Willy Zittersteijn photo
Willy Zittersteijn
Utilities specialist
Brad Nelson photo
Brad Nelson
Weather risk manager
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